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"I am absolutely thrilled to own Mother Earth. She is my first real art piece ever! And what is so coincidental is that several years before I received a postcard of this original piece of art from a friend and kept that postcard in my spiritual work area for years until I moved to where I am now. When I met Tina, I had no idea she was the artist who painted that piece until I saw the painting at her home studio and I immediately knew she was MINE! She now hangs in my healing studio where I offer yoga, gong sound healing and other spiritually elevated gatherings. She is a perfect fit and beautiful energetic support for the work I do with women. I can't wait to own another of her beautiful intuitive art pieces!" Linda M. Galvan, M.A., Founder of Awaken Your Light Academy & Prayer Collective,

"When I look at Tina’s painting, I feel elevated to a high point looking down at the vast green mountains of my beloved Smokies. I feel at peace with the world."
Anne Booth

"Tina Karagulian's artwork is from the heart and reflects her inner beauty. Two pieces of her work are displayed in the waiting room of my holistic medical practice and evoke the sense of calm and peacefulness that I want my patients to feel when they walk through our doors. There is beauty to be found in the light and in the dark; Tina captures this beauty for all to see. Grateful for her talent!" Simone Norris, MD, Integrative Family Medicine, owner of Cloudy Day

"We are beyond thrilled with Benji's painting. I don't think we could have chosen a more perfect gift. Thank you for being there in my life to make it happen."
Patricia Berry

"When Eye [painting] came into my home, everything changed. I feel an even stronger connection to my Higher Self and to the soul of the Universe. What I feel from Eye is constant healing and clarity." Lauren Wyatt,

"As one who hunted, studies, and admires these little birds, your depictions of the three species of quail that you painted are wonderful! The colors are perfect!"
Mark S. Malacord

"[My painting] Ocean Nebula keeps me sane during insane times! It just makes me happy." Michelle Knight Mayer

"A couple of things I really love about this painting: 1) the way the flower opens up to the sky . . . it serves to remind me to look up from the horizon every once in a while; 2) the colors. . . .they lift my spirits and fill me with peaceful energy; 3) the lovely, poetic name; 4) the graceful curl of the petals. . . .The arrival of this painting was a warm and friendly event in a week that did not offer many other comforts. I'm so happy to have it here—thank you!" G. A.

"I had the blessing of commissioning a piece of art from Tina for a sacred, holy space of healing in Canyon Lake. I gave her no parameters other than a 'family' of colors and how she envisioned my new space and new 'normal' for my life after my husband's transition into eternity. What she painted has given me (and guests to the retreat home) peace and a grounding in the Divine to know we are all loved! It speaks for itself to all who see it." Christina Guerra

"Hanging in my office is a painting [Come to My Window] done by Tina. This is a desert-mountain scene, and so is not unusual in itself. However, every visitor to the office that faces the painting has an immediate reaction. What can be seen is a pause, then usually a comment about the 'feeling' they get looking at the painting. When the feeling is explored some it usually is described physically and emotionally, like 'I feel peaceful and really relaxed, and these feelings came on really quickly.' No other art in the office elicits such a response. I am pleased to own this bit of magic." Hal Robinson, Dancing Bear Teaching Lodge

"Sometimes late at night when I'm feeling stress and unable to find sleep, I sit in front of Tina Karagulian's mystical, ethereal painting, Luna Azul, and peer into its deep, mysterious, calming waters, glistening with silvery hints of a moonlit heaven and regain my sense of peace. With judicious use of a limited palette, Ms. Karagulian captures the nocturnal shadows with unlimited imagination and an invitation to reflect upon the serene depths forever." Robert Gulley

"This painting of my father was commissioned for the cover of a book of poetry about his death. Tina spent time with my husband and me talking about the painting, asking very useful questions about the title of the book in her quest to envision the painting. My husband came up with the title ‘The Last Dance’ and Tina incorporated the idea of the dance into the painting with Dad’s extended hand inviting the viewer to dance. Tina's painting is not only beautiful but it also really captures the essence of my dad, especially his eyes, and incorporates pieces of our family story and other comforting symbols. I love the greenery, the light shining from above, and the archway, which represents both a family trip to my Grandaddy Arata's birthplace and also the threshold from life to death. The painting now graces one of our common rooms and keeps Dad's presence alive and with me every day." Teresa Arata-Maiers, author of The Last Dance: A Daughter's Journey

"Tina Karagulian's art is naïve and learned, fresh and wise, young and ancient as color and shape can be. Where beauty and truth are always simple, so are her canvasses. There, simplicity frames within us something like peace, or gratitude maybe, or a deeper connection with the divine." Jeanette Sullivan