Tina Karagulian is a artist, poet, and speaker whose work focuses on the intersections between spirituality and creative expression. In her memoir It Is Time, she shares stories of gender discrimination, the Armenian Genocide from her family history, awareness of the shadow within us all, and reconciliation through creativity, dialogue, and contemplative prayer. Her poetry and prayers have been published in Inner and Outer Space: Paintings and PoetryUnder the Papaya Tree: A Book of Love PoemsNew Skin: Poetry and Prayers, and the following anthologies: Lifting Women's Voices, and Sustaining Abundant Life.

Black Rose Arts & Press has designed covers and assisted in publishing of the following books: Scarred Angels and Galilee by Paschal Murat Booker of Horsesdark PressThe Last Dance: A Daughter's Journey and Finding the Long Street Home: Angelo’s Adventures by Teresa Arata-Maiers.


It Is Time

“Tina Karagulian is, as she says, a story gatherer. In these deeply moving pages, she not only brings to life generations of men and women and the spirit moving through their courageous journeys, she also becomes a compass for the generations to follow. With passion and hard-won wisdom, she sheds light for healing and for giving birth to one’s own strong voice. Describing the harrowing forced marches in the desert during the Armenian Genocide, she tells stories that first break your heart, then become a silent communion. She writes, Once we begin to ask questions, there’s no turning back. Indeed she has not turned back or turned away, and invites us to do no less.”

—Paula D’Arcy, author of Gift of the Red Bird, Waking Up To This Day

“Tina Karagulian weaves the stories of her Armenian ancestors into the present-day story of a young woman learning to follow and trust her connection with the Divine. The fabric of women’s lives is like this: an interweaving, following the threads of possibility to make something genuine for the ones who will come after us. In these carefully recorded stories, we find a weaver who tells the truth of generations of suffering and her own particular journey of healing. It Is Time shows that the miracles of openness and forgiveness come from being faithful to one’s deep truth, courageous in that faith, and willing to learn.”

—Sherry Ruth Anderson, co-author of The Feminine Face of God

It Is Time shows the courage of one woman giving voice to the experience of her own life and remembering the lives of those who have gone before her. Full of honesty and compassion while meeting the mystery head on, Tina Karagulian works to clear the pathway for us to follow, providing an oasis of poetry and prayer that help us to rest, reflect, and revive.”

—Rosalyn Falcon Collier, author and co-founder of the San Antonio peaceCENTER

Under the Papaya Tree: A Book of Love Poems

Love poetry takes many forms: addressing our Beloved as God or a loved one, or honoring the Spirit that is unseen by the naked eye, yet moves within nature and beyond the stars. This book of contemplative love poetry is meant to inspire us to find and rest in the pages of our heart.

Settle my bones
into the cushion of my heart,
where my only ambition
is to walk inside.

—Tina Karagulian

"In these intimate conversations, Tina Karagulian asks the Beloved to 'rouse [her] from slumber' and teacher her 'to see with
the heart.' She beautifully captures the boundless love that both invites and guides her into this ever deepening journey into the heart of love."

—Paula D'Arcy, author of Gift of the Red Bird and Waking Up to This Day

"Tina Karagulian has crafted a lovely moment of repose and refresh in her latest volume: Under the Papaya Tree. The first half offers six psalms to our Beloved, each a prescription that soothes our soul's innermost longings. In the second half she moves seamlessly beyond our interior into the visible world, bringing the quiet, reflective voice that permeates and transforms our surroundings. This simple offering of a dozen poems will remain by my bedside, nudging me toward a restful night."

—Rosalyn Falcon Collier, co-founder of the San Antonio peaceCENTER

"This collection of poems is the ripe fruit of a life passionately lived for the Beloved. Such profound wisdom and love are conveyed with such elegant simplicity and perfect choice of words. Every word is a rare gift from Tina's heart."

—Cecilia von Bertraub, Spiritual Director, Retreat Leader, and Teacher at St. Peter upon the Water, Spiritual Formation Program, Ingram, TX

"Awake in present love, this gentle poet frames for us an accessible understanding of the Divine. In her words, the everyday worlds becomes a psalm of praise."

—D. Ellis Phelps, author of Making Room for George (Balboa Press, 2013)

New Skin: Poetry and Prayers

"We read for many reasons—entertainment, inspiration, relaxation, and even learning new ways of seeing. And here in the
beautiful meditations of TINA KARAGULIAN we find ways to reconcile with the past, to forgive lost opportunities, and learn to deal with off-kilter attitudes toward that half of the population that is female. Tina’s poems are prayers."
—Diana Der-Hovanessian, poet and author of

New Skin

At times we wear the skins of
caretaker, tender listener, and
supporter of others’ dreams and visions—
so that they may thrive on their intended roads.

At times we walk alongside
the death and suffering of others,
so that they may not feel alone,
so that love’s true essence may revive and resurrect.

Yet when we courageously enter the darkness
of our deepest fears and unanswered dreams—
then the true alchemy begins:

With new eyes we see the needs and wants
that clamor for our attention,
and begin to let go
of unnecessary obligations.

We learn to quiet all the voices that tempt
and taunt us from inner peace,
releasing the hold they have
within our bodies and minds.

We walk steadfastly into our center,
allowing for the One True Voice
to emerge and guide,
daily surrendering to Her wisdom.

We listen inside voiceless places of our heart,
until the silence spurs us into action
that feeds our deepest reserves.

We feel the vulnerability of new skin,
yet allow its sleekness to breathe us.

For our every weakness
we receive increasing compassion
that naturally ripples out
and envelopes others.

Each time we focus our attention
on our soul’s vision,
the warrior within stands tall,
protecting a newly emerging creativity
that is initially unrecognizable,
peacefully familiar,
yet strongly resolute.

Once we claim the wild voice of our soul,
there’s no turning back.

Tina Karagulian