Tina Karagulian. Photograph by Marcy Maloy. www.marcymaloy.com

Artist and son Walden Booker with Tina Karagulian and  Coral Flight  at    Intermezzo Gallery   . Photograph by artist Nakita Bickle.

Artist and son Walden Booker with Tina Karagulian and Coral Flight at Intermezzo Gallery. Photograph by artist Nakita Bickle.

VIDEOS: Art Reflections, Talks, and Meditations, click the below titles:
1. My YouTube Channel of Art Refections and Meditations
2. Reading Coral Flight poem at an art opening at Intermezzo Gallery and Studios, filmed by Lyn Beslisle.
3. Video of 2014 Poem, Talk, and Meditation honoring ancestors: "Day of the Dead: Feeding the Spirit Within Us"
4. Video of Reading of a Poem “My Beloved,” the Contemplative Inner Work of Compassion

Tina Karagulian is an artist, collage facilitator, and yoga instructor. For over thirty years, through her art and her collage classes, Tina has created unique bird and abstract paintings of color and movement that come to life, and has empowered women to awaken creativity, integration, and joy within their lives. As a 200-hour certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, she teaches ways to increase mental focus and intuition, grounding the creative process in the body.

Her art solo and group exhibitions include Inner and Outer Space: Paintings and Poetry at Intermezzo Gallery, Boerne, TX, Release and Receive: Portals of Transcendence at Fishead Design Studio and Microgallery, San Antonio, Texas, and GAGA (Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association) exhibitions such as A Certain Sense of Her, Celebrating Women’s History Month at Coastal Bend College in Beeville, TX. GAGA is an organization founded to promote, educate and advance women artists in south TexasTina Karagulian's artwork has been displayed at Mockingbird HandprintsSAALM (San Antonio Art League and Museum), Intermezzo Gallery & StudiosIntegrative Family Medicine, Bandera Family Health Care, and ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying

Tina Karagulian's memoir It Is Time, and her books of poetry Inner and Outer Space: Paintings and PoetryUnder the Papaya Tree: A Book of Love Poems, and New Skin: Poetry and Prayers, are published through Black Rose Arts & Press. Her poetry and prayers have also been published in the following anthologies: Lifting Women's Voices: Prayers to Change the World and Sustaining Abundant Life.  

"My love of art was always woven into careers I have chosen. In a college elective class on painting, I discovered an intuitive ease of mixing colors and knew I had found my niche. My artistic influences include Georgia O’Keefe, Dorothy Hood, Henri Matisse, and Mark Rothko. For many years, Matisse’s fauve paintings, his collage cut outs of color, and his blue nude series, inspired me to blend one-dimensional color with bold patterns, while also paring down shape and line to the simple, common denominator. Mark Rothko’s subdued colors invite meditation, matching a peaceful and sacred intention that resides at the core of my own work. However, the San Antonio's 1998 McNay Art Museum’s exhibition O’Keefe and Texas was a pivotal moment in how I viewed painting: when I saw pink snow in O’Keefe’s painting of Roof with Snow, my world opened up, where the real world and abstraction could merge, all with the bold stroke of color. In 2016, when the Art Museum of South Texas in Corpus Christi exhibited the large-scale contemporary paintings of Dorothy Hood in The Color of Being/ El Color del Ser, I felt another female mentor enter my consciousness, guiding me to push through the edges of how I express form and space. Color brings healing, balance, and peace into our homes, our bodies, and our world, and embraces life’s endless possibilities.

For over twenty years, I have facilitated classes where women integrate and voice their stories through collage, sharing, and community. We are in a time when we are in need of opportunities to gently release the layers that keep us from our inner light and wisdom, then with ease, we can effortlessly radiate more love to ourselves and our world. My creativity classes are for anyone with a contemplative, meditative practice and/or love of creativity who would like an experiential opportunity to go deeper. Through art and writing prompts, you will experience release, healing, and inspiration, assisting your emotions, mind, and bodies to clear the way for more of your soul, creativity, and joy to shine through. Your inner knowing guides the way, and within the group, we support and share our inner and outer discoveries to be, to receive, and to relax into your heart.

As I step into my midlife years, I devote myself to and delight in expressing my voice through paint on canvas and through creative group experiences with women. Within each painting or class I craft, whether fashioning the mist of clouds or the horizon line where sea meets sky, I invite you to find the joyful place within your hearts, to rest and to linger in contemplation, and to appreciate the majesty of our natural world."

SOLO ART EXHIBITIONS                                                                                                                

May 1–31, 2018
¡Alegría! Mirth! Ուրախություն! (19 paintings on display)
Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe, 6322 N. New Braunfels Ave, San Antonio, TX 78209

May 19, 2017–July 27, 2017
Celebrating New Heights in Women's Art (17 paintings on display)
REMAX New Heights, 5936 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209
Premier artist and curator of this exhibit, establishing venue to support women artists in SA.

November 14, 2015
Paintings and Poetry by Tina Karagulian (10 paintings on display)
Private exhibition by Michelle Mayer, 106 Sir Arthur Court, San Antonio, TX

March 14–April 11, 2015
Inner and Outer Space: Paintings and Poetry by Tina Karagulian, 12 paintings and poems
Intermezzo Gallery, 119 E. Theissen, Boerne, TX; Poetry Reading by Tina Karagulian and Jazz Music Stylings by John Lind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbEGRd-r_Z

Dec 7, 2014–Jan 7, 2015
Tranquil Seas: Contemporary Paintings by Tina Karagulian (10 paintings on display)
Church of Reconciliation, 8900 Starcrest, San Antonio, TX 78217

October 9, 2014
Open House and Reception (9 paintings)
Executive Home Tenders, at 117 Geneseo Drive, Terrell Hills, San Antonio, TX 78209

March 23–April 30, 2013
Sea and Sky Art Exhibit by Tina Karagulian (8 paintings)
VIVA! Bookstore and Gallery, 8407 Broadway, San Antonio, TX


GROUP EXHIBITIONS                                                                                                                     

March 4-April 12, 2019
A Certain Sense of Her, Celebrating Women’s History Month
Coastal Bend College
Beeville, TX

January 13-February 21, 2019
Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association Group Exhibition at the
San Antonio Art League and Museum

San Antonio, TX

Sep 8- 22, 2018

Dry Bones and New Flesh  Art exhibition
First Lutheran Church, 130 W. Holland Street, San Marcos, TX
Part of 2018 Splash Festival of the Mermaid Society of SMTX; Translucent Wave—juried selection.

Jan 10-Feb 24, 2018
All-Member Exhibition, The Art Center, Corpus Christi, TX Hubble Telescope—juried selection

Jan 1–31, 2018
GAGA@THEMOVIES, Bjiou Cinema, 4522 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, TX
Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association or GAGA group exhibition. Displayed Gaze, Melodic, and Resonance www.gagaart.org

December 6-26, 2017
Dimension XLV Exhibition, The Art Center, Corpus Christi, TX Journey (Inner Gold)—juried selection.

Nov 2, 2017–April 1, 2018
Art Heals Hearts Exhibition, Ecumenical Center, San Antonio, TX; Displayed paintings Translucent Wave, Poppies and then Some, Remoulade, and Female Cardinal in Snow.

Sep 24-December 31, 2018
Art and Contemplation, Cathedral House Gallery, 111 Torcido Drive, San Antonio, TX
Displayed Luminous, Gaze, Sunset in the Nevada Mountains, and A Touch of Lavender.

March 4–Apr 7, 2017
GAGA@TRIBECA, Tribeca Restaurant, San Antonio, TX. For contemporary art month, Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association or GAGA group exhibition. Displayed Translucent Wave www.gagaart.org

Sept 8, 2016–Jan 7, 2017
Art Heals Hearts Exhibition, Ecumenical Center, San Antonio, TX
Displayed Abstract Blue and Dawn’s Ascent.

June 10–11, 2016
Come Hang with Us, Artists with a Mission, San Antonio, TX (17 paintings on display)
Featured artist, along with artists Katherine Brown and D. Ellis Phelps.

May 19–July 31, 2013
Sacred Ground Art Exhibit, Cathedral Gallery, 111 Torcido Drive, San Antonio, TX 78209 (6 paintings exhibited)
November 2008
Release and Receive: Portals of Transcendence by artists Tina Karagulian and Jane Appleby
Fishead Design Studio and Microgallery, www.fisheadproductions.com


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Mockingbird Handprints, San Antonio, TX


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